The following are a few pics from my personal photo page....for the rest of the photo album you have to find the URL.

'' I'll make him an offer he can't refuse. ''   (Albert and Linda Barneto Wedding Party)

Albert and Linda's Wedding. Why do we look like something out of the mafia?

9/23/2000 - EY,Janice, Linda, Albert

Haleaka -
Kristen walking along hiking trail at Haleaka.

Haleaka - at 10,000 feet elevation
The weather was 98 degrees F back in Kihei by the beach, it was around 54 degrees at the top of the volcano.

Last day at the lake.  Tommy and Holly Joseph.
Lake Tahoe 2003.

September 6, 2002 - Teen Magazine: Holly Joseph, Eric Yeung, Kimberly Louie, Kristen Loomis Cyndy's Birthday. There are other pictures from the club but I won't be posting it online cuz I'll be in the dawghouse otherwise.

April 11, 2000 — Giants play the first official game at Pacific Bell Park, hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers. Eric Yeung and Kristen Loomis behind right field.
PacBell Park - 2000 Opening Day!!!

ProBowl February 9, 2002
NFL ProBowl February 9th, 2002. AFC won 38-30. :-(

Uh....surprise it's a Simpsons Trivia game in a tin can.  (Albert Barneto & Eric Yeung)

Christmas 2001

Sheriff is in town.Halloween at work.

She was a dancing queen.....Mamma-Mia! in San Francisco

New York City 2000.
At 21 Club in New York.

With Eric's Angels.   December 1995 at Tahoe Caesar's Craps Tables is where my longest winning streak at the casinos started.   I haven't been able to lose since.

Somebody's Birthday!!!!

Birthday 2004.

BIRTHDAY 2004!!!
Karaoke - Prolly singing something Billy Joel.

Arizona 2004.
Golfing in September with Jason.

Christmas 2005.
Annual gathering.

EY, Cyndy, and Alan.

Barneto Family - First Game at PacBell ParkMatthew Barneto at 12 months old

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